To obtain an immediate premium quotation --including all taxes and fees-- please note the following:

  •  Type of vehicle
      Private Vehicle
      Commercial Vehicle
  •  Registered as
      Light Weight
      Medium Weight
      Heavy Weight
  • Note: All vehicles are classified by the Philippines Land Transportation Office (LTO) in accordance with their engine size and weight. This is indicated on the vehicle's registration certificate and also on the license plate as L, M or H.
  • Under "Sum Insured" insert the "value of the vehicle" in field with red frame.
  • AOG & RSCC are optional. If clicked "Yes", the values insured automatically equal the "value of the vehicle" entered.
  • Boxes that already contain "Sums Insured" are fixed for this calculation. (Larger "Sums Insured" may be requested for subsequentquotations.)
  • In the box for PPA, enter the total number of authorized passengers --including driver.
Coverage Codes Coverage Defined Sum Insured Philippine Pesos
Coverage Codes
Coverage Defined
Sum Insured
Philippine Pesos
OD/TH Own Damage and Theft (insert value of vehicle)
AOG Acts of God (at value of vehicle)
RSCC Riot Strike & Civil Commotion (at value of vehicle)
CTPL Compulsory Third Party Liability (standard Government requirement) 50,000
VTPL-BI Voluntary Third Party Liability- Bodily Injury (fixed, minimum) 500,000
VTPL-PD Voluntary Third Party Liability- Property Damage (fixed, minimum) 500,000
PPA Passenger Personal Accident (total # passengers w/ driver)
AD&D - Accidental Death & Disablement included in PPA
(fixed, minimum)
50,000 each
MR - Medical Reimbursement included in PPA option
(fixed, minimum)
10,000 each




IMPORTANT! This Annual Premium is based on your entries above.
The same details must be written onto the Purchase Order Form to be downloaded.

Insurance companies requires all policy purchasers to provide an originally-signed application or purchase form to be sent via mail or courier through OMNI.

Download Application

  • Personal and computer data as specified in the form.
  • The same data as used in the calculation above.
  • The "Annual Premium" calculated above.
  • The original signature of the Proposer.

Important Notice: Complete details of the coverage are stipulated in the policy provided by the insurance company that must be read and understood by all insured/s.