Medical Insurance and HealthCare Plans

With the servicing of nearly 20 different well-known and respected Companies, OMNIBROKERS is able to provide the widest possible choice of plans to choose from. Through OMNIBROKERS, which has specialized in HealthCare plans for 30 years, customers and non-customers alike obtain impartial expert advice when contacting the firm with questions about plans. This is translated into a part of what OMNIBROKERS calls their total customer service package, which assures planholders of a level of quality service rarely obtainable within such a complex product industry. And, because of the fact that we live in a competitive world and your business is wanted, these companies can provide the lowest premium rates available for a quality healthcare plan. Lastly, as a customer of OMNIBROKERS, you derive the assurance of their best efforts in assisting you to obtain your full plan entitlements when and if in doubt plus in the shortest time possible. This is OMNIBROKERS commitment to you when you are making that vital decision on a plan and then confirming that that decision was justifiably made.

Besides handling standard existing old HealthCare plans and newly purchased ones for planholders who are doing or wish to do business with one of the 20 plan companies, OMNIBROKERS provides customers assistance in obtaining plan company underwriting support for special offers. These can be in the form of good health discounts, association discounts, creating one's own group, no claims bonuses, budget plans and referral bonuses.

Also, tailored plans are developed to handle unique client HealthCare plan needs that require special understanding and arrangement with willing plan companies. Typical needs are covers for pre-existing conditions, hazardous occupations and pastimes, group plans, local plan to-ups or supplements, group multiple benefit levels, low-cost major medical, short-term, independent contractors and senior citizens.

HealthCare plan add-ons are possible depending on what plan was chosen and/or the size of the group in people or premium amount to be paid. These riders or endorsements can be for dental, vision, travel, accidental death and disablement and emergency medical assistance, such as medical evacuation and repatriation. Another important rider is coverage for North America and other high cost areas in the world. Many plans will allow you to choose a plan applicable to selected and different areas of the world with a corresponding different premium cost. This matter is an important part of the vital decision to be made when purchasing or changing a plan.

Medical Insurance and HealthCare plans can be quite difficult to compare and then eventually choose one for purchasing. Through OMNIBROKERS this task becomes much easier and with your better personal understanding of your final choice. As your Broker OMNIBROKERS is there with you throughout the process.

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