1. Golf Equipment & Accessories - Fire & Theft (to, from and whilst at the course)
    Limit = P25,000
  2. In-play damage to any golf club of Insured with P200 deductible any one loss
    Limit = P 4,000
  3. Third Party Liability whilst playing golf subject to jurisdiction of the Philippines
    Limit any one occurrence = P500,000
    Aggregate annual limit = P500,000
  4. Personal Accident cover of insured
    Death limit = P100,000
    Disability limit = P100,000
  5. Medical expenses for caddies accidentally injured by insured
    Limit = P10,000
  6. HOLE-IN-ONE cash settlement with Certificate of Achievement
    Limit = P10,000

Cost of cover with Taxes is P1,100.

Insurance companies requires all policy purchasers to provide an originally-signed application or purchase form to be sent via mail or courier through OMNI.

Download Form

You are required to insert in the purchase form, downloaded and printed by you:

  • Personal and other data as specified in the form.
  • The same data as used in the calculation above.
  • The "Annual Premium" calculated above.
  • The original signature of the Proposer.

Important Notice: Complete details of the coverage are stipulated in the policy provided by the insurance company that must be read and understood by all insured/s.