• Office Contents:
    • Accidental loss/damage to property at the office with cover elsewhere in the Philippines during temporary removal or transit up to P15,000 or 10% of the Section 1 Sum Insured.
  • Plus Money:
    • In Safe = P15,000
    • Not in Safe = P2,500
    • In Transit = P15,000 or 10% of Sum Insured
  • Excluding the Deductibles of:
    • First P2,500 for water damage and earthquake claims.
    • First P750 of all other claims except no deductible for Burglary/Robbery with forcible & violent entry or exit, Fire, Lightning and Explosion.
  • Employees/Officers Personal Accident/Assault as result of attempted robbery:
    • Death & permanent disablement = P25,000
    • Damage to clothing & personal effects = P2,500 any one person
  • Legal Liabilities the business premises operations and Third Party Claims:
    • Recoverable at Law for bodily injury &/or property damage caused in the course of business including sale/supply of goods, excluding products & professional liability up to limit of P1,000,000

Optional Coverage:

  • Business Interruption Extra Expense Cover covers Income Loss &/or Extra Expenses:

To obtain a premium quotation (calculation) you are required to do the following: 

  • Under "Sum Insured" for "Contents" insert the value of the coverage required. An entry in this box is mandatory for the quotation (calculation).
  • Entries in the other "boxes" --and therefore coverage for the other items-- are optional.

Annual premium in Philippine Pesos, including full taxes and fees, is calculated automatically and will appear below.

Property/Financial Items to be insured Sums Insured in Philippine Pesos
Contents : (furniture, equipment, supplies, etc.) (entry required)
Permanent Leasehold Improvements (entry optional)
Officer's / Employee's property (see note 1) (entry optional)
Property of others that is in your care (see note 1) (entry optional)
Other Contents (see note 2) (entry optional)
Extra Expenses if LOSS occurs (see note 3) (entry optional)
Business Interruption : (see note 4) (below items optional)  
Annual Standing Charges following a LOSS
Payroll amount to be insured
Annual NET Profit


  1. Property of others in your office and care may be insured by declaring owner/s names and by providing listing of item descriptions and values. Employee's property may be declared in single total amount except individual items valued over P5,000. List separately such items to include description and owner's name.
  2. Other office contents may be product samples, sales materials or others. Attach a list with descriptions and values.
  3. Extra expenses caused by a loss can be covered as additional rent, tempo staff, equipment leasing, overtime, temporary communications, additional travel & other extraordinary expenses directly resulting from an insured peril of the policy.
  4. Business Interruption covers those ongoing standing charges or costs including payroll that you will incur following a loss. Payroll can be insured for varying percentage amounts over the period of insurance cover i.e. 100% for 6 mo & then 50% for next 6mo, etc

IMPORTANT! This Annual Premium is based on your entries above.
The same details must be written onto the Purchase Order Form to be downloaded.

Insurance companies requires all policy purchasers to provide an originally-signed application or purchase form to be sent via mail or courier through OMNI.
  • Personal and computer data as specified in the form.
  • The same data as used in the calculation above.
  • The "Annual Premium" calculated above.
  • The original signature of the Proposer.

Download Form

Important Notice: Complete details of the coverage are stipulated in the policy provided by the insurance company that must be read and understood by all insured/s.