A. The Business Computer policy pays for all risks of accidental loss or damage caused by:
Fire, lightning, earthquake, typhoon, storm, flood, volcanic eruption, explosion, falling objects from the sky, smoke, soot, corrosive gases, water, short-circuit and other electrical causes, design-manufacturing-assembly and erection faults, defects in casting and material, workshop errors, bad workmanship, faulty operation, lack of skill, gross negligence, riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious acts of workmen-employees-third parties, burglary, subsidence, landslide.

B. The policy does not pay for loss or damage to the property caused by:
Wear and tear, declared or undeclared war risks, willful acts or willful negligence on part of insured or his representatives, faults or defects for which a third party supplier is responsible either by law or under contract or covered by warranty, failure or interruption of gas, water or electricity services (waived if AVR or UPS in use), aesthetic defects including scratches on painted-polished or varnished surfaces, nuclear risks.

C. Items covered:
Computers, their peripherals, discs, tapes, commercial software, supplies and other accessories at new reinstatement costs (replacement) so long as full reinstatement costs are listed and declared on all items being insured. Listing should indicate item name, description, model and new replacement value.

D. Additional coverage on reconstitution of media (data) can be covered.
To obtain an immediate premium quotation (calculation) you are required to insert one total "Sum Insured" in the box with the red frame below.

Premium in RP Pesos including full taxes and fees is calculated automatically and will appear below.

Insert Total Value of Computers and peripherals to be insured

A standard minimum deductible on each and every claim is P2,500 and may be higher for large-valued Equipment inventories or above-average risks.



IMPORTANT! This Annual Premium is based on your entries above.
The same details must be written onto the Purchase Order Form to be downloaded.

Insurance companies requires all policy purchasers to provide an originally-signed application or purchase form to be sent via mail or courier through OMNI.

You are required to insert in the purchase form, downloaded and printed by you:

  • Personal and computer data as specified in the form.
  • The same data as used in the calculation above.
  • The "Annual Premium" calculated above.
  • The original signature of the Proposer.
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Important Notice: Complete details of the coverage are stipulated in the policy provided by the insurance company that must be read and understood by all insured/s.