Purpose of OMNI's Home Page and Site

By using the "information highway" of Internet, OMNI can share available information with you on various insurance plans obtained from a number of sources around the world. It also is meant to provide readers with an easy time-saving method of requesting and receiving basic data on premiums, policy terms, application criteria and OMNI's rapid response assistance for obtaining firm quotations and/or placements of coverage. In addition OMNI provides speedy assistance on document delivery, claim matters, policy changes, renewals and access to policy administrative procedures to include all necessary forms. The intent is to be as close to you as an e-mail on all account inquiries no matter where in the world you may be located. Periodically, OMNI provides you information on new, competitive products, services and ideas.

Territorial Limitations

OMNI International Consultants, Inc. (Philippines) has a full range of Life and Non-Life insurance products available from over 100 Philippine-registered Local and Foreign insurance companies. However most policies are restricted for sale to purchasers residing, or on risks located, in the Philippines. Risks not insurable within the Philippines may be insured offshore provided certain canvassing and declination guidelines are followed. Standard insurance contracts written in the country normally fall under the jurisdiction of Philippines law and practice.

Applying for a Quotation or an Insurance Policy

OMNI provides convenient easy-to-use application and inquiry forms that can be downloaded for several of the more frequently purchased lines of insurance. You may also download the inquiry form for "All Other Lines of Insurance" that will allow OMNI to gather required underwriting submission information from you. All inquiry forms may be downloaded, completed and returned by Fax or e-mail to OMNI in Manila. An insurance company's firm offer will be forwarded to you as soon as possible. Your submission of an inquiry through OMNI does not bind you to complete an insurance purchase. Once an offer is accepted, you MUST return your originally signed application form to us by mail or courier --as this is required for the insurance company's records. If requested due to the urgency of your purchase, a temporary insurance company-issued binder can be provided, while awaiting delivery of your original policy.

Replies to Inquiries, Delivery of Quotations, Policy Documents and Claims Settlements

OMNI is committed to respond to your e-mail or other communications as quickly as possible. OMNI very carefully selects each insurance company dealt with --based upon their excellent products and services-- but the timeliness of delivery of quotes, policies, etc. cannot be foreseen. Purchasers are asked to provide their telephone number, fax number and full address, the can be used should a failure or delay of e-mail occur. As OMNI's e-mail site cannot be considered secure, very confidential requests requiring special handling should be relayed by telephone, registered mail, personal messenger, any major courier service or personally.

Any complaints should be urgently directed for the personal attention of the President of OMNI. Be assured that a comprehensive review of your comments will be furnished as soon as possible.

Verbal instructions to OMNI should be avoided if at all possible. In special situations, verbal instructions may be accepted --but these MUST be followed in written form to assure that accurate and timely action is taken by OMNI.

Contract of Insurance You May Purchase

Unless confirmed to you through OMNI as a FIRM offer from the respective underwriting insurance company all initial policy quotations, terms, conditions and others wordings provided by OMNI are to be considered presented in incomplete brief form. These are customarily indicative and are therefore subject to receiving an underwriter's firm offer. OMNI will provide all applicants with the respective insurance company's final and firm offer once received. All policies are contracts for insurance. They contain the full legal insurance contract wordings that each purchaser should read completely and carefully.

Now you know the ways you can deal with the OMNI Group to obtain valuable information on competitive insurance plans. If OMNI can not meet --or beat-- the terms, conditions and/or cost of your current insurance policy, you will be advised not to make any changes. OMNI continues to search for new competitive insurance products to include in a portfolio of selective offerings to discerning customers.